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The Mechanical Tree

THE MECHANICAL TREE Chapter 1: The Genesis The Mechanical Tree, the heart and soul of BioBéton, was not always the giant entity it is known as today. Its genesis was an intersection of necessity and happenstance, a seed of bio-mechanical innovation planted in the rich soil of survival. Over time, the seed transformed, shaped by […]

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The Red Sentinel

The Red Sentinels Chapter 1: Genesis of the Emerald BioBéton was a world caught in the eerie embrace of artificiality and organic matter. It was here, amongst sulfuric fumes and rusted structures, that the red sentinels were spawned. Their crimson gaze scanned the desolate landscape, their singular mission echoing in their every movement – to

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The Green Gardians

THE GREEN GARDIANS Chapter 1: Genesis of the Emerald In the chaotic fusion of organic and artificial, amidst an atmosphere of sulfur and rust, BioBéton thrived. Its landscape was dominated by the imposing silhouette of the Mechanical Tree, and it was in this dystopian world where the green guardians first sprouted. Born from the remaining

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Ops BioBéton ENGLISH FRANCAIS ENGLISH The world of BioBéton, a place merging the organic and artificial in chaotic disharmony, took shape amidst an atmosphere of sulfur and rust. Towering over it all was the sinister silhouette of the Mechanical Tree, its tentacle-like roots forming a complex maze, with ruthless entities reigning: the red sentinels. Their

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1st 50art50 Mural 2023

50ART50 Unveils Stunning Collaborative Mural in Carleton-Sur-Mer 50ART50, known for its creative and inspiring initiatives in the world of art, recently unveiled an exceptional mural in Carleton-Sur-Mer, Québec. This artwork, worth $8000, is an exceptional donation from 50ART50 to the owners of B & B La Mer La Montagne, in recognition of their unconditional support

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Nom de s’qui va etre jouer Description du comment on a fait sa lalala. genre le media, type de paint etc etc. plein de ti truc du genre mettons 7 lignes top 😉 une trois cinqos seven Nom du Jeu info sur le jeu et comment de kc el temps qui reste pis le montant

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